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Sunday, 17 July 2011

What I've learnt so far ...

It’s been 8 months now since I moved to Canada from Ireland and it’s been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster to be honest. At times I’ve felt lonely, frustrated, confused and close to tears but there’s been some good times too and I’ve also learnt a lot about myself that I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to realize at home.
So in this blog I’d like to share with you some of what I’ve learnt so far.

Meeting new people…
At the beginning what I missed most at Ireland was not having my family and friends around me. I missed the people that knew me best and who I could be myself around.
But being in a new place has forced me out of my comfort zones and I’ve met some new people. With that comes the knowledge that people who meet me now are seeing me with fresh eyes, they don’t know the me  from ten years ago they see me as who I am now. There reaction to me has helped me  to look at myself in a new light and see how I’ve grow into an intelligent and mature person with a great career, and in turn focus more on the present moment rather than the past.

Old friends…
Some old friends had come to visit me from Ireland since I’ve moved here. We knew our time together was limited so we tried to fill as much in together as we could. After they left I understood better why we’ve been friends for so long and just how much I enjoy their company. I know now actually why they are my friends and how lucky I am to have such good friends and appreciate them so much more.

Counting your blessings..
The reason why I came to Canada was to find work. I was unemployed in Ireland for over a year during a bad recession and for the first time in 10 years found it next to impossible to get a job.  At the time it felt like the worst thing in the world and I felt like a total failure when I left Ireland to take a chance on starting a new life abroad.  8 months on however I feel so grateful and blessed now that I got the chance to come and work here. For every downside there is an upside, I’ve heard this so many times before but never realized the full meaning of this until now. I believe there really are blessings to be found during hard times if we wish to find them and I feel grateful for a whole lot more.

I'd love to hear what you feel blessed and grateful for. Looking forward to hearing all your comments. xx

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  1. Funny how you can go for one (very important!) reason and realize you've gained a whole lot more, eh? I know, moving across an ocean tells you a lot about your friends and yourself. Glad to hear you've found the silver lining.