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Sunday, 1 May 2011

A life less Ordinary

Welcome to my blog! 

I read in the paper recently that Jack Osbourne has finally kicked his party habits and has been sober for some time. In the Documentary GOD Bless Ozzy Osbourne, which was produced by Jack, Sharon his mum says, Jack being sober meant he was dealing with ‘life’ for the first time. I found this statement interesting, and as Jack is now 25 it made me think back to my life in my twenties. 

In my late teens and early twenties I wanted nothing more that to go out clubbing, I would sit in work from Monday to Friday dreaming about my Saturday night out on the town. Back then there might as well of been only one day/night of the week, as Saturday night was the only one that mattered to me.  It was the highlight of my week! On Saturday night I wasn’t Grace who hated getting up early each morning to go to a dead-end job. The make-up and clothes I wore combined with the copious amounts of alcohol I drank made me feel totally transformed.

Preparations for the night were like a military operation, which involved myself and my ‘side-kick’ Tina getting together in one of our houses at least five hours before we were due to go out accompanied by loads of wine/vodka. We really believed we needed this much time and alcohol to get ready. With plenty of music, wine and the right look I felt like I was a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce! In the nightclub in my drunken state I really began to think I could dance and sing just like them too. As I was also single for most of my early twenties, Saturday night always held the possibility of meeting ‘Mr. Right’ and then who knew what would happen. At the same time there seemed to be so many parties and new people to meet, and everyone at the time seemed so lovely, I didn’t really want to be in a relationship as I felt it would only hold me back.

As time and the years went on, my hangovers got worse and worse, the outfits didn’t look as good anymore and I began to feel so unlike J Lo./ Beyonce on the dance floor. Staying in bed all day ‘recovering’ from the night before no longer seemed so appealing, nor was trying to avoid people I had made ‘my new best friends’ or  told all my secrets to in my drunken state. Although I still haven’t lost my love for doing my hair, clothes and make-up, I eventually realised that there was a whole lot more to life than my Saturday night party life and began to focus on enjoying more of my life when I was sober instead.  As for my quest for meeting Mr. Right, well that could take some time to explain so it’s probably a story for another time.

What was your party life like, did going out to nightclubs hold as much enjoyment for you ? What do enjoy most about going out ? I’d be interested to know.

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