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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Princess life

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!  

For my first blog entry I thought I’d write about the hot topic that has made the news all around Canada at the moment, the Royal wedding of Kate & William.

For someone who loves to dream and still believes in fairy-tales, this wedding has really caught my attention. It makes me imagine what it would really be like to be a modern day princess. From the age of about four being a princess meant to me that I could eat as much candy as possible, I got to stay up as late as I wanted and have a room full of whatever toys I wished. Very different I’m sure to what Kate’s life is going to be like!
I wonder now though what the life of a modern day princess would be like, for instance could Kate put her feet up on the couch in her castle, is she still allowed to read her favorite gossip magazines, have a duvet day if she wanted to, or have a girl’s night out downtown to unwind? Would she still have to put her own dishes into the dishwasher? I’m not so sure!

Writing this reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of my mine whose family lived in the closest thing I can think of to living in a castle. Their home was amazing and I believed it could not have been more perfect. The first time I was invited over to what I’ll call ‘Bell air Mansion’ I was in my element as at that time I’d only ever seen homes like that in books or on the television!  I use to walk the halls from the East to West Wing feeling like a princess, exclaiming  to my boyfriend about how lucky he was to have grown up  in a house like ‘Bell air Mansion’. I imagined him playing as a kid, with noisy games of hide and seek, family sing-songs on the baby grand piano with logs on the fire and grown-up proper dinner parties, the house of my dreams! 

 After time however, I soon realised that only a quarter of the rooms were actually used, I discovered they had two huge kitchens, one was left idle, the fire never got light, the piano never was played, no-one knew how to play it. Family dinners were quiet affairs where the family ate the best steak staring wordlessly at the huge Television screen.  The house of my dreams soon began to feel empty and lacked soul, I began to dread those outings to ‘Bell air Mansion’. My childhood home began to seem so much more appealing and it made me realise that it was actually me that was the lucky one...although our home was quarter of the size than ‘Bell air Mansion’, it was welcoming and full of life. There was always a conversation or something happening, it was vibrant, noisy and fun.

Our childhood homes were not the only differences between us. Holidays for him were about getting the right photo snaps to show his friends what fun ‘we’ were having. He felt uncomfortable sitting in a bar or a club that was not as upper class as what he was use to, I tried to explain that it’s about the company not the surroundings that make a good time’, unfortunately it fell on deaf ears. After two years living together the differences between us just became too much, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up and my fairy-tale dream was over, my Princess life was shattered. 

Looking back now I can see how breaking up was a lucky escape, we were just not compatible, not only were our backgrounds and upbringing different but so were our personalities.

Perhaps however it will be different for Kate & William. They have known each other for a long time, and although their upbringings and backgrounds are very different, they could have similar personalities. For Kate visits to the Royal family could be fun and relaxed with plenty of conversation and laughter. 

What are your thoughts about what life would be like for a modern day Princess? Looking forward to hearing them.

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  1. I would quite like to be a princess but then that would be your job to greet people, open new buildings & i don't think i could handle the pressure of being a future queen! x